Sunny Day Blue - Shower Hat for MEN & WOMEN
Sunny Day Blue - Shower Hat for MEN & WOMEN
Sunny Day Blue - Shower Hat for MEN & WOMEN
Sunny Day Blue - Shower Hat for MEN & WOMEN

Sunny Day Blue - Shower Hat for MEN & WOMEN

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We love the sky-blue fabric covering this hat with its soothing, creamy hue. The soft sensation you get from touching our Sunny Day Blue hat is calming, restful, and not the least bit ostentatious. White trim forms the band, which is set off by intriguing, off-white buttons with a linen texture.

Does easing into your shower and slowly waking up describe your style? Then tuck your hair into this Flexi-bill hat and step in, knowing that you don’t have to worry about washing your hair today. And if you don’t have to wash it, that means you don’t have to dry it either. The time you save means you’ll be ready to greet the day in your own, sweet time. You’ll also feel secure knowing that the unique, cordlock tightening system guarantees minimal leakage. Under the shower spray, the flexible bill flips up for washing your face and down for protecting your eyes.

The soft, environmentally preferable, lamination system on the outside assures that no water can soak through, while the organic, cotton lining means that only the healthiest fabric touches your head. Cotton is also better than other fabrics at preventing flyaway hair. Moreover, use that bonus of extra time that you saved from washing and drying you hair to linger longer over a yummy breakfast.

• Generous six panel design
• Roomy enough for a full head of hair
• Flexible bill flips up or down
• Adjustable fit, elastic cord lock system, tightens snugly to prevent leaks
• Environmentally preferable polyurethane laminate, PUL
• Water cannot soak through
• Soft, flexible to the touch, unlike yucky vinyl
• Crushable for traveling and packing
• Dries quickly
• Organic, cotton lining next to hair and scalp
• Made in the USA