1. Are your hats truly waterproof?

2. Why do your hats cost so much?

3. How should these hats be washed and dried?

4. Why is the outside of my hat wet?

5. How do you use the cord lock?

6. What does it mean that your hats are patented?

7. What is your return & shipping policy?


Are your hats truly waterproof?

In short, yes. The long answer is that technically, nothing is waterproof because the amount of pressure behind a stream of water can force liquid into even the smallest pores of a fabric. Water coming out of a showerhead is not under tremendous pressure, so water won’t be forced into our hat fabrics. Water resistance is a more honest way of referring to water repellency, no matter the fabric, which is why we use that term. Leakage may occur around the edges of our hats, even if the cord lock is tightened, since it’s impossible to make a perfect seal around your face. However, the cord lock does a pretty good job of sealing out most leaks. If the lining you choose is organic cotton and exposed to water at the edges, it may absorb a small amount of water.

What makes the shower hats high quality?

We use only the finest fabrics: organic cotton, recycled fabric, and the most sustainable materials possible. That quality costs us much more than if we used the cheapest fabrics, which might make us more money but be a disappointing product for you.

Also, we use sustainable, recycled packaging, which costs more. We source most of our materials, sewing, and hat construction in the US, meaning that we and our suppliers pay American wages. We are not making a huge profit and surmise that our profit margins are much, much smaller than other shower cap manufacturers. We sell our hats at as reasonable a price as we possibly can.

How should these hats be washed and dried?

Machine-wash them in cold or warm water with regular detergent. We advise that you air-dry, but some of our customers say that tumble drying in dryer set to cool did not damage the lamination. We also advise that you turn your hat inside out before washing and place them in a mesh dryer bag. They can also be hung outside in the sun to dry. After each shower, we shake off the excess moisture, lightly dry with a towel, and hang them to dry in an area that is well ventilated.

Why is the outside of my hat wet?

Water droplets may lie on the outside of the fabric, but will not penetrate through the fabric. You may shake off the excess moisture after showering, or if you live in a humid climate, you may wish to dry the wet spots with a towel or dry them in a dryer after each use.

How do you use the cord lock?

First of all, the cord lock is meant to be worn at the base of your neck on the back of your head so that you can tighten more easily. However, if you choose to wear your hat out in the rain or in public, simply tuck the cord lock up inside the hat where it can’t be seen. Inside each cord lock is a spring. When the button on the outside is pushed down, it releases the spring and with it the pressure holding the elastic cord in position. The cord lock can then be moved up or down on the cord to tighten or loosen it. When the desired tightness is reached, simply lift your finger off the release button and the mechanism will tighten back on the cord. Once you’ve found the correct tightness, you may not need to tighten or loosen the cord lock again, since the elastic will stretch enough to take the hat off and on. If you’ve never used a cord lock before, you’ll catch on quickly.

In fact, you’ll soon be able to do it behind your head and with one hand. Our cord locks will also slide up and down without always having to depress the button. That’s how we often do it, although this method does cause more stress on the mechanism.

What does it mean that your hats are patented?

It means that no one can copy our hats as the US Patent Office protects their construction. Very few products make it through the patenting process. They must be unique and serve a purpose that is not currently being met by any other product. If another company violates our patent, that company will be forced to stop producing the hats and will have to pay a penalty.

Our hats may look simple from the outside, but we had to sew a huge number to get them to fit and work properly. It was also challenging to find out how to waterproof our own fabrics, so we didn’t have to use vinyl, and we could choose more attractive patterns and fabrics. You won’t find our fascinating patterns and colors anywhere else.

It was an ordeal to move from an idea to an attractive, functioning product. We will pursue anyone who violates our patent using the full extent of the law.

What is your return policy?

100% guaranteed, no questions asked. All you do is pay return shipping. But, if our hats do not live up to your expectation, we would like to know why so we could improve them. We plan to continue our innovation in the shower product industry.

How long does it take to process an order?

Please allow 1-2 days for your order to be processed for shipping. We make every effort to fulfill orders as quickly as possible.

What about shipping?

We ship USPS. Shipping times depend on your location. The USPS site quotes, but does not guarantee, 2-8business days for domestic delivery.

If you have another question, please email us. inquiries@theshowerscene.com