About Us

Our Shower Caps are stylish, waterproof, adjustable, made with organic material and designed with the environment in mind. Our Shower Caps are designed for men & women for the shower or singing in the rain!

At The Shower Scene, we make every decision with two things in mind: providing our customers with the best possible products to meet their showering needs and ensuring that each decision is made consciously with the environment in mind.

For better or worse, this company began out of frustration with the tacky-looking, poorly functioning, one-time use, traditional shower caps. Knowing shower caps could be designed better, and especially knowing the environment deserved better, we took it upon ourselves to do just that--design a better, more environmentally conscious shower cap. We’ve found fashion and the environment do not have to come at the expense of function. We believe a better-looking you should be complimented, not compromised by any product, even in the shower.

We love creating products that both men and women can use day-in and day-out, knowing they are made with thought, care, and quality that will long outlast traditional products. From utilizing organic, recycled materials as much as possible to employing local Colorado sewers, we continue to create socially and environmentally sustainable products. While it impacts our bottom line, it is something we believe is an obligation, not a choice.