Nautically White - Shower Hat for MEN & WOMEN
Nautically White - Shower Hat for MEN & WOMEN
Nautically White - Shower Hat for MEN & WOMEN

Nautically White - Shower Hat for MEN & WOMEN

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This hat definitely has a clean, nautical flavor, perfect for a watery wonderland adventure. While the head-box volume is large, it’s a bit smaller than that of our classic style hats. The band is also a tad bit less stretchy in order to maintain a beret shape. So, if you have a head with a large circumference or you have a lot of hair, you will still be able to put on this hat, but it may fit tighter.

Tuck your imagination and your hair up into The Shower Scene Beret and prepare to transport yourself to an exotic locale. As the warm, yet stimulating shower washes your worries away, let your thoughts morph into daydreams. With your shower beret on, you don’t have to concern yourself with washing, styling, and drying your hair. Your daydream is guilt-free because you don’t have to wash your hair everytime you shower, therefore, you’re personally preventing excell shampoos and hair-product chemicals from polluting the fresh water in your own adventure-filled locale.

The soft, environmentally preferable lamination system on the outside means that no water can soak through, while the organic lining helps prevent flyaway hair. Only the purest contton touches your head. And, if you choose to dally in your robe before getting dressed, rest assured that you’re looking adorable and adventuresome.

• Organic cotton lining next to hair and scalp
• Flat, slping crown gently curves around the head
• Band with gusse allows hat to expand upward to create volume for large amounts of hair
• Environmentally preferable polyurethane lamination
• Derma plush, polyester fabric.
• Adjustable fit, elastic cordlock system, tightens snugly to prevent leaks
• Generously cut in a classic, round shape
• Excellent for those with a large volume of hair or dreadlock styles
• Soft and flexible to the touch
• Crushable for travel and backpacking
• Water cannot soak through
• Dries quickly
• Made in the USA