Spicy Peppers Shower Hat / Shower Cap

Spicy Peppers Shower Hat / Shower Cap

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Boring showers belong in history books. Spice up yours with a smattering of red and green peppers and let them pique your curiosity.

Shades of green, from citron to lime to deep forest, are layered with maroon and bright red peppers. A few white flowers are scattered among these colors. All are painted atop a black canvas.

The white band with simple red buttons provides the only accent this hat needs.

The lining is a deep green, satin.

• Billed style roomy enough for a large volume of hair and for extensions.
• Adjustable fit, patented elastic cordlock system, tightens snugly to guarantee minimal leakage
• Environmentally preferable polyurethane laminate, not PVC like most shower caps
• Water cannot soak through
• Soft, flexible to the touch
• Crushable for traveling and packing
• Dries quickly
• Stays on during windy days
• White satin next to hair to reduce breakage or white organic cotton next to hair and scalp
• Made in USA