Verdant Fields Shower Cap / Shower Hat
Verdant Fields Shower Cap / Shower Hat

Verdant Fields Shower Cap / Shower Hat

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A happy, energetic green and yellow defines this cap. The cheerful yellow, crossed by verdant rows of green conjure up visions of summery, abundant crops, an important aspect of African daily life. The unusual green lining with its satin finish makes it look pretty keen on the inside, too.

To Africans, green means growth, both spiritual and agricultural. Yellow symbolizes wealth. It’s not hard to imagine fertile rows of crops marching across the landscape when viewing the artistry of this fabric.

The band going around the circumference is dark green, which is set off nicely by the dark green, satin lining.

Outer Fabric: 100% organic cotton, sourced from Mali, Africa, polyurethane coated
Lining: Dark green satin

• Roomy enough for a large volume of hair and for extensions
• Adjustable fit, patented elastic cordlock system, tightens snugly to guarantee minimal leakage
• Environmentally preferable polyurethane laminate on outside
• Water cannot soak through
• Soft, flexible to the touch
• Crushable for traveling and packing
• Dries quickly
• Stays on during windy days
• Dark green satin lining next to hair to reduce breakage
• Made in USA