Think Pink Shower Hat / Shower Cap
Think Pink Shower Hat / Shower Cap
Think Pink Shower Hat / Shower Cap

Think Pink Shower Hat / Shower Cap

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Figment of the Imagination Fuchsia has a theatrical flair. The touch of a Victorian flourish lends drama to even the most ordinary of showers. Who can blame you for striking an elegant pose? The fuchsia fabric is whimsically set off by a black band with a dashing furbelow.

While the head-box volume is large, it’s a bit smaller than that of our classic style hats. The band is also a tad bit less stretchy in order to maintain a beret shape. So, if you have a head with a large circumference or a lot of hair, you will still be able to put on this hat, but it may fit tighter.

Outer-Fabric: Derma-plush, polyester taffeta, PUL coated

Lining: 100% white organic cotton

• Organic cotton lining next to hair and scalp
• Flat, sloping crown gently curves around the head
• Band with gusset allows hat to expand upward to create volume for larger amounts of hair
• Environmentally preferable polyurethane laminate, PUL
• Derma-plush, polyester taffeta fabric.
• Adjustable fit, elastic cordlock system, tightens snugly to prevent leaks
• Soft and flexible to the touch, unlike yucky vinyl
• Crushable for travel and backpacking
• Water cannot soak through
• Dries quickly
• Made in the USA