Sunray Shower Hat / Shower Cap
Sunray Shower Hat / Shower Cap

Sunray Shower Hat / Shower Cap

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Put some liquid sunshine into your shower with our glossy, yellow, slicker hat. This brilliant yellow will make you feel happy, warm, and optimistic. Practice a bit of color therapy on yourself by wearing this hat when you’re dancing around your shower or better yet, outside on a rainy day.

The slickery yellow contrasts perfectly with its black chain band and decorative, shiny black buttons.

Outer Fabric: Kona cotton with a polyurethane coating
Lining: Organic white cotton

• Generous six panel design
• Roomy enough for a full head of hair and most extensions
• Flexible bill flips up to protect face, down to protect eyes and lashes
• Adjustable fit, patented elastic cord lock system, tightens snugly to guarantee minimal leakage
• Environmentally preferable polyurethane laminate, not PVC like other shower caps
• Water cannot soak through
- Stays on during windy days
• Soft, flexible to the touch
• Crushable for traveling and packing
• Dries quickly
• Organic, cotton lining next to hair and scalp
• Made in the USA