Casual Hemp

At we use hemp in some of our fabrics and love it. It’s a fabric that breathes, it’s biodegradable, and it’s warmer and softer than most other textiles. It’s easily interwoven with other fibers that have the qualities it’s missing, resulting in a fabric blend that has the best of both worlds. Hemp is renewable and grows faster and with less fuss than many other plants used for clothing.

Since it’s low in lignin, a tough fiber found in plants, there is little need for harsh acids during the pulping phase of fabric production. Not many other natural fibers can claim that. Even better, its natural color is a light cream, meaning it needs less bleaching, which in turn means fewer harsh chemicals released into the environment.

If you need more good news about hemp to be convinced that it’s worthy of sainthood, listen to this. It thrives without herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides. In comparison, cotton, the darling of clothing manufacturing, uses a large percentage of all of the pesticides applied around the entire world.

At the we often sell out of our hats made with hemp blends. You may think that’s a good thing for a small company, but the problem is that it’s hard to get replacements. Since growing hemp has been illegal in the US for many years, most hemp fabric is imported. That raises it’s price and increases the energy needed to bring it to market in the US. Recently, the laws have been loosened and hemp farming will soon be taking off.

Hemp is good for everybody, except for those who want to get high.

So if you’re checking out and you’re into sustainable fabrics, be sure to check out our hats made with hemp. They sell out fast.