Classic Purple  Shower Hat / Shower Cap
Classic Purple  Shower Hat / Shower Cap

Classic Purple Shower Hat / Shower Cap

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Our Pale Purple hat has a quiet, soft quality, calming and not flashy. It gets the job of showering done without calling a lot of attention to itself. The large head-box is easy to put on and has ample room, even for Lady Godiva’s head of hair.

Whether your unique visage is framed by flattering, short hair, luxuriously long hair, or braided and dreadlocked hair, you’ll feel confident that every hair on your head will stay dry in our generously cut Classic Shower Hat. Flash a winning grin in the mirror as you step into the shower and wash your cares away. Lean back in the spray relieved that the hassles of washing your hair are not on your To-Do-List.

The soft, environmentally preferable lamination system on the outside assures that no water can soak through, while the organic cotton lining means that only the healthiest fabric touches your hair. Cotton is also better than other fabrics at preventing flyaway hair. If you decide to dally in your robe before getting dressed, rest assured that you’re looking restful and relaxed.

• Water cannot soak through
• Adjustable fit, elastic cordlock system, tightens snugly to prevent leaks
• Polyester DWR (Durable and Water-Resistant) high tech fabric.
• Generously cut in a classic, round shape
• Excellent for those with a large volume of hair or dreadlock styles
• Soft and flexible to the touch, unlike yucky vinyl
• Crushable for travel and backpacking
• Dries quickly
• Made in the USA